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Straight Talk from Al Jacobs



I can’t deny the full page color picture of a somewhat decrepit woman well into her eighties attracted my immediate attention. At the top, in small font, the words: “Recreational cannabis now available in Orange County.” Across the center in large font the message: “Shop. It’s legal.” At the bottom: “MedMen” and an Orange County address. The source of the ad is MedMen Enterprises, the pre-eminent cannabis company in the U.S.

I realize the ad is designed to market its product. What I don’t understand is who the ad is directed toward. Are they after the geriatric group, and if so, are they counting on dementia to be a favorable factor in boosting sales? As an alternative, perhaps they’re zeroing in on persons in their teens and twenties whose parents ignored or abused them, and whose grandmothers stepped in to bring stability into their lives. And finally, perhaps the ad is being promoted as nothing more than a striking novelty to attract attention – as it certainly did in my case

While we’re on the subject of questioning who’s inclined to purchase and use marijuana because of a particular marketing approach, it seems only reasonable to pose a related question: Why are persons who are presumed to be sane inclined to purchase and use mind-altering drugs of any sort? More to the point, what is it about brain scrambling – whether from cannabis, alcohol or the harder drugs – which appeals to a substantial portion of the population? Is the drug culture in some way related to pleasurable social interaction, or does it merely reflect a society in which many persons are inherently deranged?

Speaking for myself, I enjoy the pleasure of rationality, and prefer being fully lucid at all times. However, here in Southern California it appears I’m becoming more and more in the minority. Although Los Angeles has already issued licenses to nearly 100 marijuana retailers, authorities estimate there are at least double that number operating illegally in the city. By all accounts, there’s no shortage of customers.

I’ll add a final thought: What sort of society have we created when a large portion of its members choose to become stoned on a regular basis? And even more importantly, with this as our present condition, what sort of society will we devolve into?



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