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Letters to the Editor are always fascinating. Where else can someone with no identifiable knowledge of a subject be entitled to express opinions for the world to view? The subject in this most recent instance is Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), an immigration policy established during the Obama administration which permits minors who entered the country with undocumented parents to avoid deportation under specified conditions. At this time approximately 800,000 such individuals are authorized to remain here under the program, although President Trump previously announced he would end it.

Apparently the ejection of “illegals,” under any circumstances, plays well with a segment of the population, and Letters to the Editor is a convenient place for these persons to laud the eviction process. One such letter from a man in Huntington Beach bemoans the fact the youngsters ever crossed our borders, stating: “Laws are meant to solve problems we are facing. Children entering the country illegally with or without their parents are subject to being sent back to their country of origin even though they have remained here for long periods of time. They have broken the law … if laws are not meant to be followed, why have them on the books in the first place?”

 As the writer contends, “laws are meant to solve problems.” Exactly what problem is solved by the removal of longtime law-abiding residents, many of whom own homes, operate businesses and served in the armed services, isn’t described. Perhaps he has them confused with the tens of thousands of foreign-born inmates currently in custody in our prisons – a group I’d be pleased to see removed forthwith. However, I suppose it’s sufficient to simply enforce a law … in keeping with that ancient tradition: “The lawr must not be violated.” In addition, as these DACAs all voluntarily registered in accordance with established government policy, they’re readily locatable. That makes grabbing and deporting them much easier than corralling the roughly 11 million undocumented immigrants currently residing in the United States and trying to force them to leave.

A final thought: Creation of laws can be an exercise in the grotesque. Prussian Chancellor Otto von Bismarck once cautioned that the two things you don’t want to see made are laws and sausages. For rationality, their enforcement must be selective.




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